Can Next Wave Group work with a start-up non-profit?

Yes, this is an area where we have special expertise. Our CEO has personally been involved in starting several non-profits since 1980.

We want to transition to electronic service delivery but we're not sure we can afford the software. Can Next Wave Group still help us?

Definitely! It is possible to save significant money by making the transition to electronic service delivery. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive customized integrated software package. Our systems are in place and we use off-the-shelf software, along with inexpensive Web-based applications. We are skilled in using low-cost technology to achieve effective results.

We have a staff in place, but we would like to outsource our leadership conference. Can you help us with just that?

Any of the services we offer can be purchased separately.

Next Wave Group seems to offer a very wide range of services. How can you offer so many?

Next Wave Group's team includes a range of experts who work with us on a contract basis. Bay Media, Inc., specializing in print and electronic publications, Web hosting, and a network of diversified sole practitioners. Our "group" approach gives our clients access to a diverse team of professionals.

How did you get the name Next Wave Group, LLC?

We wanted our name to reflect the fact that we are offering pace-setting services. Since electronic service delivery is more cost-effective than traditional services, we believe it will be the "next wave" for associations.

What types of organizations are you most qualified to work with?

While we are able to work with diverse organizations, our team has special expertise in mass communications and media, independent education, library science, instructional technology, health care, cultural arts, recreation, community planning, and environmental issues. Our proximity to Annapolis and Washington, DC is an advantage in working with advocacy organizations.


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